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Electrostatic torsion mattress (optional)


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This torsion mattress can be an excellent addition to the ZenPeak basic or the ZenPeak modulator.

There are two types of electrostatic field viz vortexless and the eddy field. The electrostatic non-vortex field is characterized by the fact that it does not change with time. Moreover, such a field cannot exist separately from the electric charges that are its source. The eddy electrostatic field is characterized by the fact that it can vary with time and can exist independently of electric charges.

This method of electrostatic field treatment is based on the interaction of the organism with an alternating, low-frequency, high-intensity electrostatic field, with the possibility of changing the current and time parameters. The electrostatic field contributes to the appearance of various degrees of vibration in the tissues, which extends to a considerable depth. These vibrations (displacements) of the tissues, depending on their frequency, intensity and duration of use, can affect the nerve-receptor apparatus, the locally located blood and lymph vessels, regulate muscle tone, and affect the functional state of the internal organs. The presented electrostatic therapy method is effective for pathology of the locomotor system, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, lymphatic and venous insufficiency, as well as pathology of the bronchial-pulmonary system and digestive organs.

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