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Since 1984, Garyaev Petr Petrovich started researching in a new field in the field of genetic coding and in 1994 created a new trend - A Wave Genetics, then Lingvistiko (language wave genetics) - A Wave Genetics. in 1997. on the subject Garyaev Peter defended his doctoral dissertation at MSTU. Bauman is the FAILURE. He was elected an academician of RANS and RAMTN, and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. In 2013, Pyotr Garjayev founded the "Quantum Genetics Institute".

The theoretical foundations

Implicit functions of the genetic apparatus

It was only in the 70s and 90s of the last century that the basic works of the German school of Fa Poppa (FAPopp) were published, which showed the unity of hereditary organizations (the…

Transmitting bioactive information with sound

Sound as a carrier of biologically active information originates from polarization-laser wave spectra. The results of the study show that the effect of the acoustic version of the Tibetan mantra and the NTI PLR (polarization-laser-radiation wave) spectrum…

Quantum non-locality

A.Einstein et al., B.Podolsky and N.Rosen [Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen1935] formulated an idea whose essence is based on the example of elementary particles for the following reducible. 

Mrs. Erzsébet Varga Strempel
Mrs. Erzsébet Varga Strempel
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I ordered two matrices for the cardiovascular and the skeletal system. I've been listening to the cardiovascular matrix for a week, already during the first hearing, I felt that something special, good feeling came over me. I sometimes meditate, maybe that's why it's easier to observe myself, that is, what I feel. Which means that if I listen while sitting (I fall asleep lying down), it puts me in such a strong meditative state that begins with a fantastic physical lightness....
Csilla Mihalka
Csilla Mihalka
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Hello 🙂 I would like to share with you my experience of a few weeks with Mishin keszuls. I mostly used it for anxiety and stomach problems After one session, Terd's panickedness decreased significantly. After 3-4 treatments, the rash stopped. I feel like I have to repeat the treatment from time to time, but I like the result 🙂 Stomach problems should be taken care of during performance. ..
Grandma Zsuzsa
Grandma Zsuzsa
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Hi Roland! I am grateful for your ECOMAG machine and to you for healing my pinched nerve in 2 days, even though I was in a lot of pain from my shoulder to the tip of my finger. In the past, this healing was delayed for 3-4 or more weeks. I can only recommend it to everyone!!! Unbelievable, but true! Hug!
Agnes Kemeny
Agnes Kemeny
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Bone and muscle matrix A large piece of my tooth broke off when it turned out that a decay that was not visible from the outside had been eating away at my tooth from the inside for years. I went to 6 dentists, during which I immediately started listening to the bony matrix several times a day. All of them said that my tooth was dead, they could excuse what was left, but it was really trash in the long run. At the first dentist, I really didn't even feel anything. At the 4th, I already feel something about the cold test. When the 6th scratched, I said that it hurts. He didn't want to believe it, so he also tested it for a cold, which hurt so much that he continued to treat it with anesthesia. He said that my tooth is still alive, approx. it's such a miracle as if someone walked out of a crashed plane on two legs. (And of course, this way my teeth can be saved in the long term, and I continue to listen to the bony matrix.)
Heal Consciousness
Heal Consciousness
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Hello 😊 I am happy to inform you that I treated myself with the Gar#aev masks, the big coil, about 3 times, without sound, and my energy, appetite, and good sense of humor came back again. 🙏😊 I had all kinds of problems in front of the therapist, because I caught the famous/infamous virus (I don't want to name it). I barely had anything to eat. Thank God this fish disappeared after the treatments. To this day, everything is in perfect order. Thank you sepen.🙏

wave genetic laser spectroscopy

Localized photons

These provisions must be taken into account in the hypothetical model of the biocomputer discussed here, working on genetic molecules. Let's see how "in vitro" gene structures (DNA liquid crystal preparations) transformed from photons with radio radiation are formed. In our experiments [Prangishvili, Garyaev et al., 2000], we probably obtained the so-called localized or entangled coherent photons, with their subsequent permissive-teleportation transformation into radio waves.

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