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Erzsébet Varga Strempelné
Mrs. Erzsébet Varga Strempel
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I ordered two matrices for the cardiovascular and the skeletal system. I've been listening to the cardiovascular matrix for a week, already during the first hearing, I felt that something special, good feeling came over me. I sometimes meditate, maybe that's why it's easier to observe myself, that is, what I feel. Which means that if I listen while sitting (I fall asleep lying down), it puts me in such a strong meditative state that begins with a fantastic physical lightness....
Csilla Mihalka
Csilla Mihalka
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Hello 🙂 I would like to share with you my experience of a few weeks with Mishin keszuls. I mostly used it for anxiety and stomach problems After one session, Terd's panickedness decreased significantly. After 3-4 treatments, the rash stopped. I feel like I have to repeat the treatment from time to time, but I like the result 🙂 Stomach problems should be taken care of during performance. ..
Nagyné Zsuzsa
Grandma Zsuzsa
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Hi Roland! I am grateful for your ECOMAG machine and to you for healing my pinched nerve in 2 days, even though I was in a lot of pain from my shoulder to the tip of my finger. In the past, this healing was delayed for 3-4 or more weeks. I can only recommend it to everyone!!! Unbelievable, but true! Hug!
Agnes Kemeny
Agnes Kemeny
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Bone and muscle matrix A large piece of my tooth broke off when it turned out that a decay that was not visible from the outside had been eating away at my tooth from the inside for years. I went to 6 dentists, during which I immediately started listening to the bony matrix several times a day. All of them said that my tooth was dead, they could excuse what was left, but it was really trash in the long run. At the first dentist, I really didn't even feel anything. At the 4th, I already feel something about the cold test. When the 6th scratched, I said that it hurts. He didn't want to believe it, so he also tested it for a cold, which hurt so much that he continued to treat it with anesthesia. He said that my tooth is still alive, approx. it's such a miracle as if someone walked out of a crashed plane on two legs. (And of course, this way my teeth can be saved in the long term, and I continue to listen to the bony matrix.)
Gyogyito Tudat
Heal Consciousness
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Hello 😊 I am happy to inform you that I treated myself with the Gar#aev masks, the big coil, about 3 times, without sound, and my energy, appetite, and good sense of humor came back again. 🙏😊 I had all kinds of problems in front of the therapist, because I caught the famous/infamous virus (I don't want to name it). I barely had anything to eat. Thank God this fish disappeared after the treatments. To this day, everything is in perfect order. Thank you sepen.🙏

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