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ORIGINAL matrices of wave genetics by Prof. Dr. Pyotr Garyaev


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We create 21 types of wave genetic matrices based on the work of Dr. Pyotr Garyaev Petrovich and Prof. Luc Montaigner.
It is also possible to request a unique matrix!
Listening to the matrices is also effective, but with the wave genetic device, this is the effectiveness
can be tripled. These are general wave genetics files (sounds), also perfectly suitable for water treatment!
If you don't have a wave genetics device, place a container filled with clean water in front of the speaker / speaker.
After playing the wave genetics program, drink the water!
If you have a wave genetics device, place a 2 liter bottle filled with clean water on the larger coil,
and after playing the songs, drink the water!
Choose a wave genetics subtype from the drop-down list!

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Universal programs are wave (spintronic) mappings, special spectra, from natural, naturally-derived, biologically active substances. For example, royal jelly, honey, Siberian ginseng, wheat germ, etc. Unlike individual matrices, which require photos when compiling, this program does not require it. These are the finished programs. We constantly update them according to the processing of new properties of the material.

Part of the universal program was developed together with Raisa Akhmetovna Mansurova. In my seminars, he actively uses the matrix for health purposes.

Please note that universal matrices are advertised on the Internet, They do not know the technology, they only sell fake copies of scandalous quality, and do not take responsibility for their use, do not give an invoice.