Dr. Peter P. Garyaev, Doctor of Biological Sciences, rans and RAMTN

since 1984, Peter P. Garjaev began research in new areas in the field of genetic coding and in 1994 created a new trend in genetics - Genetics Wave, then Lingvistiko - A Wave Genetics. In this topic Peter P. Garyaev in 1997. defended his doctoral dissertation fryazino. Bauman at HIAC. He was elected an academician of RANS and RAMTN and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. In 2001-2002, Peter P. Garyaev , Canada (Toronto), where he experimentally confirmed the correctness of the basic ideas lingvistiko - the wave genetics. In 2013, he founded the company "Institute Of Quantum Genetics".

Working as senior scientific associate and group leader at the Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union (1984-1998) Peter P. Garjaev found two previously unknown, unusual types of DNA memory. This was recorded by laser correlation spectroscopy.

The first type is the nonlinear dynamics (acoustics) of DNA with return of primary mode excitations. This is a fundamental phenomenon (not DNA etc. structures are organisms) It has long been known in physics as "the phenomenon of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam" (check FPU) and the excitation of non-linear systems of memory. The genetic apparatus uses this phenomenon to handle the request to call the holographic programs in its own chromosomes. Such requests are realized in the biological systems of the processes in the regeneration of organs and tissues, When we want to call, the "return" of the information structure of the human liver regeneriruemoj, claws of cancer, tail of a lizard, etc.. These " check-in", according to our research, not only DNA, but also my nucleoproteins (ribosomes), proteins and biostructures (collagen, extracellular matrix).

The second type of memory is the DNA phantom effect, i.e. a memory environment based on the dynamic wave role of DNA molecules with a dynamic wave character. The environment is one, for example, the space of the cuvette compartment spectrometer or space, living cells and tissues. It is also used by organisms to bring one of the quantum states.... molecules in the form of DNA phantoms. In practice, this can be achieved in the artificial creation of quantum matrices of DNA fragments inherent in the body, it fills and replaces the lost DNA fragments in humans and does not lead to genetic damage. For example, mutation number 508 in cystic fibrosis.

Another significant part of our work is the adjustment of the current coding model in the genetic apparatus of triplet proteins. The essence of our modifications is, What is the system of contextual orientation of ribosomes on RNA is realized in the process of protein biosynthesis. This means that we introduce the strong position of real (not metaphorical) tekstovosti genes and quasi-thinking minds in the ass of the genome, like a quantum biocomputer. Using the concept of fractal dimensions related to the levels of consciousness and thinking of biological systems. And the last key point is the use of the 'Boma' Berkovica model of the universe - for the practical application of our technologies.

These stages of our work formed the basis for the review and addition of the already prominent functions of DNA in genetic coding. Lingvistiko - wave genome theory. We have published dozens of scientific articles in cooperation with leading physicists from Moscow State University, FIANa, ISP RAS and foreign researchers. Three monographs were published (author Peter P. Garyaev). Patents and priorities. On the basis of all this, a fundamentally new correction technology was developed in order to prolong their health and active life. One of the most important points of the emerging technologies is a quantum programming stem cells through natural programs, used by the human body.

Peter P. Garjaev has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, which will take place in 2021.