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ZenPeak right torsion lamp


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Technical characteristics: torsion lamp, Surzhin lamp. The lamp operates in two modes, constant voltage and the first half-period of an alternating sine wave. Socket GU 10, radiator power 2×35-50 W.

Description: A device for the personalized initiation of the self-correction of the functional state with a photonic information-active spin field to initiate the self-correction and balance of viruses, fungi, protozoans, bacteria, helminths and their toxins in the body and space, as well as the body's energetic, genetic, cellular, is used for organ level recovery.

Device and principle of operation: The spin-polarized radiation of the device is similar to sunlight, which ensures the formation of the so-called vitamin D in the body (this is spin-polarized energy in the body, ensuring its holistic functioning).

During the spin-structuring of water, the spheres with an informational structure consisting of hundreds and thousands of unique molecules collapse in it, each molecule twists and acquires the appropriate natural spin, all substances with a left spin are destroyed: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, their toxins, radioactive particles, mechanical impurities and even soluble salts are precipitated. Only informationally pure, structured water can immediately penetrate the cells of the body through the membrane in the form of a single molecule and ensure the metabolism, water-salt exchange, its division and energy production, and eliminate dehydration and aging of the body.

Method of application:

1. Basic. 30 minutes after sleep in the morning, 30 minutes before going to bed in the evening. During the 45 days. In addition, the information is drinking purified water, listening to wave genetic matrices.

2. Energy-information cleaning of the space, rooms, sleeping places, things is done by scanning the amount of light. Pay special attention to the corners of the room, to the closets containing clothes and shoes, to the sick beds, for this, set the light of the lamp to the right place for 5-10 minutes. If possible, the whole apartment, the whole house and all the rooms should be cleaned. The energy of the lamp light penetrates walls and objects after a certain time.

3. Restoration and normalization of the functional state is ensured by systematic work with all organs of the body. The body is a holistic system, so don't focus only on the diseased organ, the cause of the disease may not be in this place. When starting the body's self-correction processes, it is possible to:

– restoration of the person's energy-information field (aura);
- cleansing karma, erasing the cause of illness, eliminating energetic constraints;
- initiation of self-correction of the activity of inflammatory and chronic processes related to the presence of parasitic microflora in the organs: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, helminths and their toxins;
- destruction of a person's healthy mind and body by stones, sand, salt deposits, cholesterol, narrowing of blood vessels;
- detoxification and removal of all "slag" from the body;
– the transition of recovery and regeneration processes in the body at the cellular, genetic, organ, neurophysiological, functional and mental levels;
- restoration of energy-informational connections within the body and energy-informational exchange with the energy of the cosmic space, the Earth and the Earth's magnetic field (these energies ensure biological life on Earth);
- with a healthy mind and body, a person receives self-realization, initiation by the Holy Spirit, the second birth, which ultimately means "feeding from the Holy Spirit" - God's energy, his body is connected to an infinite source of energy, which ensures his health, well-being and existence his joy.

Obtaining structured water and food: direct the light of the lamp to the food in “-” mode for 30-60 seconds, drink 1 glass of structured water before meals, with a little salt added, drink 1 glass of non-cold water immediately in the morning, with a little water added, store the water and the food in containers made of natural materials. For 1-10 minutes, carry out energy-informatics cleaning of rooms, things and other objects. The light of the reflector also ensures the activation of the growth of plants and animals, increases their productivity, removes parasites and eliminates diseases.

Safety Precautions:

– To avoid the risk of fire, do not operate the lamp within 50 cm of the sleeping area.
– Do not point the light of the lamp at flammable objects (the temperature of the lamp can reach 1000°C).
– Be careful with burns.
– Replace the blackened lamps with new ones after disconnecting the Surzhina lamp from the mains.
– Do not allow the device to be hit or dropped.
– Children may only stay in the room where the light is working under adult supervision.


Surzhin lamp 1 pc.; Stand 1 pc.; User's Guide

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