Wave genetic modulator of Prof. Garyaev


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Recommendations for use (when using Wave Genetics matrices):
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- stable health-improving effect

- restores joint and spine mobility

- improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition

- saturates cells with oxygen

- promotes the outflow of venous blood and lymph;
- strengthens immunity

- suspends the course of the disease

- restores sleep;
- increases the pain threshold

- reduces the incidence of allergies

- stops allergic itching;
- has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects,
- improves the appearance and tone of the skin;
- protects the brain from lack of oxygen;
- reduces nervous over-excitement;
- has soothing properties

- helps reduce the amount of medication you take in.
- activates drinking water

- increases vitality;
- eliminates functional disorders of various origins.

“The disease, and its cure, has become detached from the patient over the centuries and has become increasingly impersonal, in addition to a strong shift towards the use of chemicals. Thus, man became more and more lonely and hopeless in the midst of his illnesses and pains From the beginning of the culture, the patient has always been observed and healed along with his disease and environment.

Paul Claudel, a French writer, poet, academic, calls patients “invited”.

Many of the scientists working to make human life more beautiful and better have made discoveries the application of which, with the help of healers, has brought relief to the suffering person. Among the first inventors was Nikola Tesla, whose inventions Pyotr Garjajev created the science of wave genetics by combining several disciplines and using quantum physics. In parallel, Alexander Misin created a device designed to optimize physical, chemical shifts in the human body. After Professor Garjaev became acquainted with the operation of the device, he combined it with his own knowledge, perfecting it, making it more effective, thus creating a revolutionary new device that puts healing on a different footing from previous methods.

We can finally open a new era with this tool, as the whole world has to go through a dark era of medicine and disease.

A XXI. century man has arrived at a crossroads and is facing a dilemma. As a blind consumer, he makes his future existence dependent on the relentless development of new technologies and the further use of material goods, or finds a path to spiritual responsibility and a health-conscious behavior that can overcome his illnesses and consolidate his individual well-being and existence.

Being healthy doesn’t just mean we’re not sick. As a healthy person, we feel wonderful.

Health is like remembering the happy moments of our childhood and believing that many more experiences await us. ”

László Lehoczki
television editor-director
Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Religious Editorial Board of Danube Television
knight of Hungarian culture