Orgonite energy generator


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Sizes 8cm x 8cm x 6cm


According to the manufacturer:

Pyramid - Orgonite (square at the bottom)

Dimensions 80/80 (plus/minus) at the base, height 60mm

It is placed near the bed.

As a geometric object, the pyramid itself has an effect on the surrounding space and objects.

It works independently.

It also works with Ecomag kits, for which you need to place the gûlée on the reel.

The "labyrinth" of the fractal antenna is located in the lower part.

Fractal antenna "labyrinth" This is an exact copy (of marble or granite) of the one found in the nave of the cathedral church in Chartres, France.

Strictly speaking, this is not a maze. A real labyrinth is a tangled path with dead ends. There are no dead ends here. It would be more correct to say that there is a long, winding road that leads to the goal sooner or later - you just have to be patient.


– Increases energy;

– Increases the body's resistance to diseases;

– Balances the body's energy meridians;

– Normalizes the mental and emotional state;

– Restores the biofield;

– Cleanses and clears the chakras;

– Neutralizes the negative effects of technopathogenic and geopathogenic radiation (electromagnetic radiation, smog, radiation, black spots) and sociopathic gene radiation;

– Harmonizes relationships and space;

– Cleanses and protects against negativity and energy attacks;

– Activates creativity;

– Increases the impact of energetic practices;