Mishin, torsional field base unit - Ecomag-1


Generator “Ecomag-1”, a small innovative company, was established by the limited liability company “Ecosvet” in 2006 in Krasnodar by former employees of Kvant NPO. The subject of the activity is scientific and technical developments in the fields of medicine, energy, biotechnology and the manufacture of medical equipment. The results of the work are protected by two patents for inventions of the Russian Federation, which have been awarded six Russian diplomas and international scientific and practical conferences and exhibitions.

The company has its own technical base, office and two manufacturing plants. The number of employees is determined by the intensity of the production program. Scientific advisors include doctors who work directly in regional hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums in the Krasnodar region and in Moscow. Their recommendations are the main content of the curriculum.

The Ecomag-1 generator includes the best features, parameters and functionality. Very easy to use. is a resonant sinusoidal generator made in the form of a small mobile device. The case contains: an electronic microprocessor control unit for the device and a sinusoidal vibration generator. The body of the device is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly ABC plastic.

Mishin, modeled on Garyaev's original, improved device.